TEEM – the app for collaborative communities

Another cool new development from the P2Pvalue team is our app, Teem, which is now available as a free download on the Google Play store.

Teem is an app developed specifically with collaborative community teams in mind, and it’s meant to increase participation along with sustainability. Although it was originally conceived for commons-based peer production communities, its features can certainly apply to any kind of open, online community.

The features that went into Teem were determined through intensive social research, followed by prototype testing. This research revealed the main needs of the people in specific roles in communities – those roles as defined in the classical 1-9-90 rule, including “core, occasional collaborators and users” – and what tools the people in these roles often find themselves lacking. These missing tools may be related to management, internal organization, the listing of available subprojects and needs of those subprojects.

Teem was created with those particular needs in mind, to reduce the frustrations of everyone involved and help increase participation while providing a type of project management, too – but keeping it informal, liquid, open, as fits the context. Teem also features a workspace with collaborative edition – like a Google doc – and group chat – like Telegram, or Whatsapp. But it’s open source, of course.

You can see a short presentation of Teem here http://tiny.cc/TeemBrussels, and have a look at our current web app here http://p.p2pvalue.eu, and our Android app (encapsulating the web app) here http://tiny.cc/teemapp.

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