Teem app’s Terms and Conditions – Be Nice!

“BE NICE! And we’ll try to be nice, too.”

Members of the P2Pvalue team, including Melanie Dulong de Rosnay, Samer Hassan and Pablo Ojanguren, have co-written the new Terms and Conditions for our collaborative app, Teem.

The spirit of generous cooperation intended in the app itself is evident right down to its bones, in this simple, practical and even friendly document. The policy outlines the basic rules of use but also explains that Teem will always allow users the rights to access, modify or delete their own data, and also describes our self-imposed limits on usage data collection, to strike the right balance between being open, private and compliant. Of course, the policy discusses the app’s use of open licensing, too. As always, the crew behind Teem welcomes feedback from users through GitHub.

Now is a great time to sign up and explore how your community can benefit from this app.

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