Number Title Lead Beneficiary Dissemination Level Month
D1.1 CBPP databases UAB PU 11
D1.2 Theoretical synthesis UAB PU 10
D1.3 Guidelines on design settings UAB PU 10
D2.1 Viability of guidelines CNRS PU 18
D2.2 Technical features of P2PValue platform CNRS PU 24
D2.3 Guidelines for CBPP infrastructures CNRS PU 36
D3.1 Workshop on platform UCM PU 3
D3.2 Report on the Software Foundations: Adaptations, Design & Development UCM PU 11
D3.3 P2PValue platform Beta UCM PU 24
D3.4 P2PValue platform v1.0 UCM PU 36
D4.1 Description of case studies P2P Foundation PU 14
D4.2 Validation experiments UAB PU 36
D4.3 Value creation in CBPP UMIL PU 36
D5.1 Project platform node UCM PU 4
D5.2 Marketing outputs P2P Foundation PU 30
D5.3 Movies P2P Foundation PU 30
D5.4 Evaluations P2P Foundation PU 36
D5.5 Web archive P2P Foundation PU 36