Procomuns Plenary 5: why decentralization is relevant

Video panel exploring questions of why decentralization is relevant. The session addressed this topic with examples from projects like D-CENT and, as well as the digital social innovation ecosystem in Europe. There was also a presentation about the European strategy for Collective Awareness Platforms and distributed infrastructures. Featuring David Rozas, Loretta Anania, Irina Bolychevsky, Fabrizio Sestini, Laura Arjona Reina, Adrián Todolí, Francesca Bria and Samer Hassan.

Note: All Procomuns videos feature simultaneous translation, please switch from left to right channels to change languages.

This plenary was filmed at PROCOMUNS, a 3 day event which was held in Barcelona in March, 2016 to discuss commons-oriented approaches to public policy, peer production and the commons collaborative economy. Key goals included proposing public policies and providing technical guidelines to build software platforms for collaborative communities. You can find more Procomuns material on the P2P Foundation blog, compiled under this tag.

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