P2Pvalue at Commons Camp Calvanico

The Milan team from P2Pvalue (Daniele Viotti, Adam Arvidsson, Brigida Orria, Alessandro Caliandro, Elanor Colleoni) will be taking part in the Commons Camp which takes place in Calvanico, Italy. We will be doing a presentation of research outputs by the P2PValue consortium, and debating the future of the Collaborative Economy. 

The presentation will take place within the context of the Collaborative Territories Lab from June 28 – July 3. Information here from the Commons Camp website:

With the Collaborative Territories Lab we want to lay the foundations for an extended open standard of collaborative territories development programs. A series of organisations and individuals will gather during a five days design jam to put their expertise in building a common standard of actionable knowledge that tackle some of the major challenges of our society.

The final result of the Lab will be the release of an open governance toolkit to provide solutions and to foster a collaborative mindset within local and central authorities, reaching a turning point where collaborative practicesbecame key elements of territorial strategic development.
In particular the toolkit aims at activating inclusive co-design processes engaging with the active citizenship, local decision makers, businesses, residents, and all the pro-active local players. The Collaborative Territories Toolkit help territories to self-determine their strategy in line with smart, sustainable and inclusive development, identifying locally perceived challenges and enabling already available resources and solutions that comes from the emerging paradigm of the collaborative economy.

On the long-term, the Collaborative Territories Toolkit means to create a compelling strategy for a sustainable value-chain based development, in contrast to pure profit-driven illimitate growth. In order to do that, is essential to identify the impacts on citizens and local government, of the solutions it suggest. Furthermore, by eliciting the governance models that can be adopted, it clearify the role that local governments and other local players can take on.

During the Collaborative Territories Lab we will work on several aspects of the toolkit:
Ethnography and Design epistemology
Co-design methodologies in territorial strategic development
Communication and Transmedial narrative
Economical sustainability;
Social impact;
Collaborative governance and legislative aspects;
Quantitative analysis


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