Notes from #CAPS14eu

The CAPS 2014 conference took place from July 1-2, plus an additional day only for CAPS projects. Antonio Tapiador attended and presented P2Pvalue. Here are his notes on the event:

Antonio Tapiador at #CAPS14eu – photo by Valentina Sommariva

Day 1

The first day was the CAPS OFF conference, in an open, informal place called the Egg. The program consisted of parallel workshops and networking events, in a very open and flexible format. 

There are several advanced projects related to decision making. Decision making showed up as a job to be done for CBPPs. 

  • is a platform for decision making. It only supports yes / no decisions, with additional features such as blocking.
  • is a tool for debate and extracting decisions. It has an advanced interface, where users can extract sentences for messages and work more on them

Other interesting platforms that are related to our work

  • is a facilitator of free commons. It describes several aspects related to commons, as well as examples of free commons
  • is a place for co-constructing a distributed social network based on semantic web technologies, to promote the development of collaborative dynamic within the world transition.
  • Imagination for the people is a platform for social innovation, where people can propose projects and engage with the ideas of others


Day 2

The second day was more formal, it took place at the European Commission (EC). There were presentations from the EC commissioners that lead funding projects, and 5 minute presentations for the 12 CAPS projects, including P2Pvalue, to an audience of about 200 people.

In general, everybody is trying to build their own platform. But the harder part is engaging people and to grow a community around each tool.


Day 3

Finally, the third day there was a private meeting with the CAPS conference organizers and the CAPS projects. The recent CAPS 2014 conference was evaluated. There was a willingness to hold the next edition of the CAPS conference sooner,  maybe in December this year. It would be a nice opportunity to organize some kind of hackathon or hand-ons on P2Pvalue platform prototype, directory, etc.

The event was well summed up in this curated collection from social media on storify:

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