Number Name WP number Lead Beneficiary Delivery date Comments
MS1 Completion of data collection  WP1 UAB 11 Data available for analysis
MS2 Decision on which communities to use for validation (in WP4) within the P2Pvalue platform WP2 UAB 11 Decision made
MS3 Decision about the technical features to be implemented into the P2Pvalue platform WP2 CNRS 24 Final decision made on all the features
MS4 Design of platform agreed WP3 UCM 11 Decision made
MS5 Ending of first iteration:release of Beta version of the P2Pvalue platform WP3 UCM 24 P2Pvalue performs all the required functions for Beta release
MS6 Case study communities involved in the P2Pvalue platform WP4 UMIL 12 Commnity representatives confirm