FLOSS4P2P Workshop Agenda

2nd Workshop on Free/Open Source Distributed Platforms for Peer Production (FLOSS4P2P)

** Agenda **


@Fab Lab London http://fablablondon.org/

  16-17 March 2015



All sessions will be video-recorded (& uploaded with an open license)

All presentations should include open questions + project specific needs


** Monday 16th March **

10:00  Arrival & Registration

10:30  Welcome & participatory dynamic with open questions for debate

(Getting people immersed in the topics & active!)

Facilitators: Samer Hassan & Primavera De Filippi


11:15  Coffee Break

11:45  Panel: CAPS Project Officer + 3 presentations + debate 

Topics: CAPS funding, Wave API, Unhosted, Ethereum & Provenance

Chair: Nigel Gilbert


13:00  Lunch for networking in thematic groups

(Lunch for groups of 6 people, split by topic, with a facilitator) 

Topic proposals: Gender in FLOSS, Blockchain apps, Economic sustainability of projects…


14:30  Panel: 4 (related) presentations + debate

Topics: SoA distributed protocols, decentralized sharing workgroup, Fair Coop, Bitcoin is broken

Chair: Primavera De Filippi


16:00  “World Cafe

(Participatory dynamic to find out ways of collaboration) (With coffee/juices)

Facilitator: Samer Hassan


18:00  Closing

18:30  Drinks

20:00  Dinner @Amico Bio


** Tuesday 17th March **

 10:00  Lightning talks

Topics: Gender in FLOSS, Lean Development for FLOSS, Ouishare Labs, IndieHosters, EdgeRyders, GROWL, social currencies, La’ZooZ, Vouch Safe, Spatch & more…

Chair: Antonio Tenorio-Fornés


10:45  “Open Space” (Unconference-like space)

Facilitator: Samer Hassan


12:15  Coffee Break

12:45  Collaborative mapping of needs of FLOSS for P2P communities

(Brainstorming to detect unresolved needs)

Facilitator: Antonio Tapiador


14:00  Lunch

(Lunch for groups of 6 people you didn’t talk with, with a facilitator)


15:00  Panel: 5 (related) presentations + debate

Topics: Offline networks, Superglue, WeZer, Open Value Network for Music, Trustroots

Chair: David Rozas


16:30  Coffee break


17:00    Tech Tutorials (in parallel) (laptop needed!)

Topics: Wave API, Unhosted/remoteStorage, IPFS

Chair: Primavera De Filippi


18:00  Closing    

(This agenda could be amended up until the workshop) 


Curation/Content organisation: Samer Hassan (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Logistics/Local organisation: Lu Yang (University of Surrey)

Communication: Chris Pinchen (P2P Foundation)

Under the frame of the P2Pvalue Project






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