EU Research P2PVALUE Article – Updated Draft 3.0

The updated article “Fostering Collaborative Communities” appears in EU Research vol. 2015, 07 digital mag (1), “Green Technologies: The latest breakthroughs in environmental science Spotlight on Bio research: Food, Fuel, Energy, Health Reinventing ICT: We explore the latest in future technology European Space Agency”.

“Commons-Based  Peer  Production  (CBPP)  is  being  used  across  an  ever-wider  range  of activities, including software development and open data sources, challenging traditional conceptions of productivity and value. The emergence of the CBPP model raises questions which Mayo Fuster Morell and Samer Hassan of the P2Pvalue project aim to address.”

It is available to view online at or at the EU Researcher site, where the article can be found on page 63.

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