Creative workshop on new tools for collaboration

The P2Pvalue project aims to build a communication and collaboration tool for communities which build and manage commons, such as Wikipedia, Arduino, the bike-lab of your neighborhood and probably the community you participate in. That is why we are organizing a creative participatory workshop to identify among all participants which problems we have with current tools, what we need and what we would like to have. You are going to enjoy, to learn interesting group dynamics and to build useful knowledge for us and other people, communities and free software projects. Join us in the development of the next tool for collaboration!

We can’t wait to meet you on May 6th and 8th  in the “Suelo bonito” room of Tabacalera, Calle Embajadores 53, Madrid from 18:00 to 21:00. If you can only attend one day it is OK, come anyway! We will have some Lavapies style drinks after.

Link of the workshop in Spanish:

Photo by Andy Amstrong with CC-by-sa 2.0 license


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