Create, modify, collaborate, share: Online tools for Commons-Based Peer Production communities

The collaboratively created commons have entered our lives! thanks to millions of people collaborating we can consult the largest encyclopedia ever compiled, use smartphones, share trips and housing…

Even if you don’t know, you also take part in this communities when using this commons, but  you can also actively participate in them.

In P2Pvalue project we want to share our passion for this Commons-Based Peer Production communities. That’s why we have organized an event in the European Researchers’ Night in Madrid.
· Discover, with active members of Wikipedia and Free Software communities, curiosities about how this communities work.

· Look into how to participate in this communities and make your life easier, funnier and more supportive.

· Learn some key milestones of the history of the commons movement.

· Be amazed learning the incredible things some communities are doing. Design race cars or tractors, mapping natural catastrophes in days or to avoid traffic jams are only some of the examples.

· Know what we do in the P2Pvalue project to favor this communities’ sustainability.

Come to discover more about collaborative production! We have prepared a relaxed participatory event open to everybody.

Join us Friday, September 26 from 18:00 to 21:00 in “Facultad de Informática” of the “Universidad Complutense de Madrid”.

Image CC by-sa 3.0 unported  by ColaboraBora

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