Barcelona CAPS Infoday Roundup

(This post is based on the report at IGOPnet by Mayo Fuster Morell)

The CAPS Infoday took place at FabLabBCN in Barcelona on February 9th 2015.

CAPS (Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation”) is a call for funding projects under the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission. The event was coordinated by (Mayo Fuster Morell) and organized by the several European projects in Barcelona (D-CENT and CONFINE), and hosted by FabLabBCN. 100 people attended the event.

In the first session, Loretta Anania (CAPS officer) presented the CAPS call during which an extended session of answer and questions around CAPS funding took place. Questions such as the type of license of the projects, or a good composition for the consortium were addressed.



In the second session, several projects funded under the first call of CAPS were presented.



 P2Pvalue project was presented by Mayo Fuster Morell of Fuster Morell provided an overview of the project and data on the extended research on collaborative production resulting from the project first year. Data such as which is the overall budget of social innovations project, governance models of collaborative projects or which are the conditions that favor value creation.



D-CENT another CAPS project already funded was presented by David Laniado (Barcelona Media). Laniado provided an overview of the project and explained its main achievements. D-CENT is creating privacy-aware tools and applications for direct democracy and economic empowerment. Together with citizens and developers, D-CENT is creating a decentralised social networking platform for large-scale collaboration and decision-making. Slides are available here.



CONFINE – another European project in line with CAPS spirit – was presented by Leandro Navarro (Politecnic University of Catalonia). CONFINE promotes the integration of large community networks in Europe. Slides are available here.

Monica Garriga (from also provided an example of community experiment – CitizensSqKm – part of CONFINE growing under community networks wireless insfrastructure. Garriga’s slides.


SOM CONNEXIO – Local experience

Local experiences – not funded by CAPS – but that provide of example of CAPS type of projects were also present. Mercè Botella presented Som Connexió. A cooperative for communication sovereignty.


FAB LAB – Local event host

Last but not least. The local hoster of the CAPS Infoday was presented. Tomas Diez provided an introduction of the Fab Labs movement and the case of Barcelona Fab Lab, the first Fab Lab to appear and become known internationally.

A lively discussion followed.


The day ended up with networking events in order to present and discuss ideas for the next CAPS call.

At the Open Space to present and discuss participants’ ideas and foster informal networking (Moderated by Samer Hassan (GRASIA/UCM, P2Pvalue) and supported by Chris Pinchen (P2PFoundation, P2Pvalue)). There were fast short presentations of CAPS ideas, and then high quality interaction in small groups about each.





European Living Lab 4 CSR 


Insight storytelling for building re-use 



Thanks to Mayo Fuster Morell for coordinating the event.

Thank you to Laura del Castillo and Jorge Salcedo for the support organizing the event. Thanks to FabLabBCN for hosting.

The videos were recorded by Chris Pinchen.


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