Karthik is a technology strategist and PhD researcher based in Oslo. He spent the past decade working for the top four open source companies:Red Hat, SuSE (Novell), terrasoftsolutions (yellow dog linux) and Sun Microsystems. Through his work, Karthik assisted fortune 500 companies and governments to adopt open source and open standards based technologies, he has been an integral part of the digital commons movement right from its early days and is active in various debates involving open knowledge, open data and governance of the commons.

Karthik is currently pursuing a PhD degree and also holds an MBA from BI- Norwegian Business School and Fudan University, China; a Master of Science in Information Technology from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden and a four-year bachelor's degree in computer engineering from India.

Karthik’s field of expertise is open source, open innovation and other forms of commons based peer production. His research interests are centered around open source design and economics where he is researching the governance of open design commons and how it can overcome limitations such as planned obsolescence and limited reuse posed by the existing firm based production model. The second part of his research is centered around the systems and structures of peer / local currencies such as Bitcoin and the Urstromtaler. The third part of his research focuses on open innovation in networked industries, where his unit of analysis is the management of shared innovation commons in the open source Android project.