Chris Pinchen has been responsible for communication strategies and implementations for NGOs, organisations, companies and individuals, as well as their on- and offline presence. This involved communicating with the media and other stakeholders, setting up, improving and maintaining websites, blogs and social media accounts, preparing publications and interacting with communities. As a long time member of the the P2P Foundation Chris has worked on the blog, wiki and social media platforms as well as carrying out community engagement and fundraising. He formed part of the team doing a major study into the emerging collaborative economy for Orange and is chair and a founder member of the P2P Coop.

Currently he is coordinator and communications lead at ChokePoint Project, building a near real-time global censorship/surveillance monitoring system and a resident at Lighthouse in Brighton where his focus is on privacy, surveillance & censorship. A contributor to the CryptoParty Handbook, Chris has been involved with CryptoParties in Berlin, Luxembourg and Brighton

Meet the Stakeholder Board: Panayotis Antoniadis

Meet the newest addition to the Stakeholder Board! Panayotis Antoniadis is a senior researcher at ETH Zurich. He has an interdisciplinary profile with background on the design and implementation of distributed systems (Computer Science Department, University of Crete), Ph.D. on the economics of peer-to-peer networks (Athens University of Economics and Business), post-doc on policies for the […]

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P2Pvalue at Internet, Politics, and Policy (IPP) conference

Members of the P2Pvalue project will be presenting papers at the Internet, Politics, and Policy (IPP) conference at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford on 25-26 September 2014. The Barcelona team are presenting “Mapping the common based peer production: A crowd-sourcing experiment” Commons-based peer production (CBPP) is an emerging and innovative model of collaborative production. It usually […]

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Create, modify, collaborate, share: Online tools for Commons-Based Peer Production communities

The collaboratively created commons have entered our lives! thanks to millions of people collaborating we can consult the largest encyclopedia ever compiled, use smartphones, share trips and housing… Even if you don’t know, you also take part in this communities when using this commons, but  you can also actively participate in them. In P2Pvalue project […]

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Meet the Stakeholder Board: Philippe Aigrain

The P2Pvalue Consortium is supported by a Stakeholder Board. It includes representatives from the main actors in the CBPP field, including universities (e.g. Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Access to Knowledge for Development Center of American University of Cairo, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies of Warwick University), major nonprofits (e.g. Creative Commons, Wikimedia, La Quadrature […]

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Software Foundations of the P2Pvalue platform

Following on from the post about Building the P2Pvalue Software Platfom, here is the full deliverable of the D3.2: Report on the Software Foundations: Adaptations, Design & Development. Below you can read the executive summary as well as the embedded version of the report for ease of reading, it is available here as a downloadable PDF and, like all project deliverables, it […]

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#P2Pvalue Directory workhop @ #wikimania2014

We’re holding a workshop on the P2Pvalue Directory at #Wikimania14 – Here is the abstract: Commons Based Peer Production (CBPP) means collaborative production and sharing of resources among peers under commons settings. From the initial cases, such as Wikipedia and FLOSS, recently there has been an expansion to other areas of activity, such as citizen […]

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Notes from #CAPS14eu

The CAPS 2014 conference took place from July 1-2, plus an additional day only for CAPS projects. Antonio Tapiador attended and presented P2Pvalue. Here are his notes on the event: Antonio Tapiador at #CAPS14eu – photo by Valentina Sommariva Day 1 The first day was the CAPS OFF conference, in an open, informal place called the Egg. […]

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Building the P2Pvalue software platform

One of the key parts of the P2Pvalue project is “Integrating the functionalities of online social networking services and collaborative software in a privacy-aware platform based on a decentralised architecture”. At the beginning of the project the software team were working on building this platform on top of the established Kune free/open source distributed and […]

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P2Pvalue @ #CAPS14EU

P2Pvalue poster at CAPS 2014 Conference, photo by Antonio Tapador   Antonio Tapiador from the Grasia team in Madrid is presenting P2Pvalue at the CAPS 2014 conference in Brussels on July 1-2, 2014. Here is the event descrption from the conference website: Why CAPS are so important? CAPS can be described as non-commercial, open Internet […]

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