Chris Pinchen has been responsible for communication strategies and implementations for NGOs, organisations, companies and individuals, as well as their on- and offline presence. This involved communicating with the media and other stakeholders, setting up, improving and maintaining websites, blogs and social media accounts, preparing publications and interacting with communities. As a long time member of the the P2P Foundation Chris has worked on the blog, wiki and social media platforms as well as carrying out community engagement and fundraising. He formed part of the team doing a major study into the emerging collaborative economy for Orange and is chair and a founder member of the P2P Coop.

Currently he is coordinator and communications lead at ChokePoint Project, building a near real-time global censorship/surveillance monitoring system and a resident at Lighthouse in Brighton where his focus is on privacy, surveillance & censorship. A contributor to the CryptoParty Handbook, Chris has been involved with CryptoParties in Berlin, Luxembourg and Brighton

Podcast 1: Marco Berlinguer – How to Assess Value in CBPP

This recording of Marco Berlinguer discussing the research carried out by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (IGOP) in the first phase of the P2Pvalue project was recorded on February 19th 2015  as part of a series of hangouts at the Havens Center at the University of Wisconsin jointly held by Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation and Professor […]

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Viability of Design Guidelines

Report on the Viability of Design Guidelines of the P2Pvalue project platform Here is the full deliverable of the D2.1: Viability of Design Guidelines on institutional design settings, rewards systems and CBPP software platform features. Below you can read the introduction as well as the embedded version of the report for ease of reading, it is available here as a downloadable PDF […]

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CBPP Posters

Our posters about Commons-Based Peer Production, designed by Laura Recio, are available for download below (click on each of the images to go to the downloads page on Wikimedia Commons) & used under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license . They are in English, with other languages to be added soon. Enjoy 😉

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Primavera De Filippi at Future Fest

P2Pvalue project member Primavera De Filippi will be speaking on “Freenet or Skynet? An Orwelian Vision of the Present” at Future Fest in London on March 15th. She will also take part in the panel discussion “Reflections on Edward Snowden” along with Pat Kane (chair), Ian Brown and Vitalik Buterin   

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Expanding the Internet Commons: The Subversive Potential of Wireless Community Networks image

Primavera De Filippi and Félix Tréguer (An abridged version of this paper has been published in the Journal of Peer Production, Issue #6: Disruption and the Law. Read the full paper here) ‘Freedom is fostered when the means of communication are dispersed, decentralized, and easily available, as are printing presses and microcomputers. Central control is more likely […]

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CAPS Call For Proposals Introduction at FLOSS4P2P Workshop

Loretta Anania (CAPS officer) will be joining us at the FLOSS4P2P Workshop in London on March 16th to give an introduction to the CAPS Call for Proposals. CAPS (Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation) is a call for funding projects under the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission.  In this video filmed at the Barcelona CAPS Infoday […]

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FLOSS4P2P Workshop Agenda

2nd Workshop on Free/Open Source Distributed Platforms for Peer Production (FLOSS4P2P) ** Agenda **   @Fab Lab London   16-17 March 2015   All sessions will be video-recorded (& uploaded with an open license) All presentations should include open questions + project specific needs   ** Monday 16th March ** 10:00  Arrival & Registration […]

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Adam Arvidsson on P2Pvalue and the role of reputation in collaborative communities

(This interview by Michel Bauwens originally appeared on the P2P Foundation blog on 22/02/2015) P2Pvalue is an EU funded research project investigating value creation in P2P communities and exploring what powers P2P collaboration. The P2P Foundation is a partner in the project. Each month we feature an interview with members of the research team. This month we feature Adam Arvidsson […]

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