Chris Pinchen has been responsible for communication strategies and implementations for NGOs, organisations, companies and individuals, as well as their on- and offline presence. This involved communicating with the media and other stakeholders, setting up, improving and maintaining websites, blogs and social media accounts, preparing publications and interacting with communities. As a long time member of the the P2P Foundation Chris has worked on the blog, wiki and social media platforms as well as carrying out community engagement and fundraising. He formed part of the team doing a major study into the emerging collaborative economy for Orange and is chair and a founder member of the P2P Coop.

Currently he is coordinator and communications lead at ChokePoint Project, building a near real-time global censorship/surveillance monitoring system and a resident at Lighthouse in Brighton where his focus is on privacy, surveillance & censorship. A contributor to the CryptoParty Handbook, Chris has been involved with CryptoParties in Berlin, Luxembourg and Brighton

Nurturing the path to post-capitalism…and some simulation.

This post by Peter Johnson orginally appeared on the University of Surrey Department of Sociology Blog at Paul Mason’s recent book ‘Post-Capitalism’ has generated a lot of debate amongst those on the left of British politics; most obviously in interminable and reassuringly repetitive Guardiandebates and opinion pieces. It has also inspired an equal amount of derision from […]

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“P2PVALUE project drives peer production forward”

This post from CORDIS (the Community Research and Development Information Service of the European Comission) reports on the P2Pvalue project after David Rozas and Samer Hasan spoke at CAPS2015 in July:   The P2PVALUE project, which is exploring ways to evaluate and stimulate peer to peer production, has developed an open source digital platform and a directory of information […]

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P2Pvalue at CAPS2015

P2Pvalue will be taking part in various round tables at the CAPS2015 event on “Networked Social Responsibility” in Brussels on July 7th & 8th. At 16:30 on July 7th, David Rozas & Samer Hassan will facilitate a session titled “P2Pvalue Directory: Using a Unique Open Source Resource for Research And Networking” . The P2P Value Directory is an […]

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Delimiting Commons-Based Peer Production

Mapping 30 areas of activity (Fig. 1)   (This post is by Marco Berlinguer & Mayo Fuster) It has been for some time now that research is engaging around a fauna of new forms of production that have been progressively appearing in the sectors more intensively impacted by the Internet and the digital revolution and more […]

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P2Pvalue at Commons Camp Calvanico

The Milan team from P2Pvalue (Daniele Viotti, Adam Arvidsson, Brigida Orria, Alessandro Caliandro, Elanor Colleoni) will be taking part in the Commons Camp which takes place in Calvanico, Italy. We will be doing a presentation of research outputs by the P2PValue consortium, and debating the future of the Collaborative Economy.  The presentation will take place within the […]

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