A native New Yorker now living in Madrid, Spain, Ann Marie Utratel is a co-founder of Guerrilla Translation (, has worked with the P2P Foundation on projects such as, and has been an international coordinator with the Platoniq team.

Twitter: @AMUtratel

Peer Value: Advancing the Commons Collaborative Economy Amsterdam. September 2-3, 2016

Peer Value: Advancing the Commons Collaborative Economy Amsterdam. September 2-3, 2016 Peer Value: Advancing the Commons Collaborative Economy is a conference integrating conversations and plans of action for shaping and connecting the Commons on a global level. Our final program is listed below, please join us in Amsterdam! The conference is organized along three tracks: […]

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SwellRT Free Software Contest – Enter by Sept. 18

SwellRT Software Contest If you like to code, free/libre/open source software, and support a decentralized Internet, the SwellRT project invites you to participate in its Free Software Contest 3,000€, 2,000€ and 1,000€ prizes will be awarded to the best three projects which use or improve SwellRT technology. Find more info at: SwellRT is a […]

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Teem presentation at Berkman Center

P2Pvalue’s Samer Hassan presented Teem and the process to reach it on Berkman’s Fellows Hours, on April 5, 2016, The slides are available here on slideshare. “The presentation will go through the exciting process of finding out what open communities would find useful, the social research, codesign workshops, multiple prototypes tested, and the actual result: […]

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Procomuns Plenary 12: Value and Collaborative Production

Video of a presentation on the topic of value and collaborative production, with Marco Berlinguer. Note: All Procomuns videos feature simultaneous translation, please switch from left to right channels to change languages. This plenary was filmed at PROCOMUNS, a 3 day event which was held in Barcelona in March, 2016 to discuss commons-oriented approaches to […]

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Reflections on the European Commission agenda on the Collaborative Economy and discussion about Platform Cooperativism with Trebor Scholz

The following is extracted from Procomuns’ newsletter- Sign up here. In this second newsletter from we want to refer to the new European Collaborative Economy agenda, which establishes guidelines for Member States on how they should regulate and what should be the Collaborative Economy policy of Members States. Is also an invitation to rethink […]

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Procomuns Plenary 11: Open Source Circular Economy

Video of a discussion on the topic of Open Source Circular Economy and the commons of reuse. Examples? Suggestions? What do we need to facilitate them? What tools are needed? Meeting spaces? Challenges? Opportunities? Including social organizations from Barcelona and beyond, with Leandro Navarro, Anita García, and others. Note: All Procomuns videos feature simultaneous translation, […]

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Policies for Commons Collaborative Economies at the European level

We believe that on the part of government institutions it is time to define and advance the promotion of viable production and entrepreneurship alternatives, ones that fulfill the conditions for transparency and open resources as an engine of real progress, resilience and multiplication of opportunities. It is time for governments to act and stop the […]

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